Mustang GT 5.0 Hatchback 1986

Trygve from Strømmen in Norway has owned this ’86 GT from 2000. The car is a 5.0 GT, with T-top, SVO leather steering wheel, power windows and rear defrost. The car was sold new in Canada.

The car was nearly untouched and free for rust, when he bought it. The car was painted in ’97 whit th original colour. The transmission was changed to a T5 from an ’93 Mustang.

Trygve started with some minor modifications. Removed catalytic converters, mounted Ford Motorsport lowering springs, sub frame connectors, March ram-air, BBK caster camber plates, electrical fan, 3.73:1 gears, Recaro seats, new stereo and Flowmaster cat-back. The car now runs 9.1 sec on the 1/8 mile and 14.3 sec on the 1/4 mile.

In the winter 2003-2004 some bigger changes was done. Trick Flow 5.0 EFI engine kit was installed. Twisted wedge aluminium heads, roller camshaft, upper and lower EFI manifolds, timing chain, roller rocker arms, ARP bolts, TFS race pushrods and Fel-Pro gaskets. And also Ford Motorsport mass air conversion, BBK 255 lph fuel pump, BBK fuel pressure regulator, Steeda FP meter, 24 lbs injectorer, 75 mm ProM Mass air meter, Fuel filter, 70 mm BBK throttle body and EGR spacer, BBK ceramic coated shorty headers, BBK H-pipe, MSD distributor/coil/digital 6 box, split fire plugs, Ford Motorsport 9 mm ignition wires and Exide Gel battery. Trygve had to modify the pistons for clearance to the new big (2.02”) inlet valves, with the bigger lift. After working on the car for abouth 2 month, it started immediately.

He also installed a Cobra 3 row aluminium radiator, ford Motorsport strut tower brace, Steeda upper and lower rear control arms, Ford Taunus (German) rear springs with airbag kit, CAT bolts (10.9 quality) in all control arms.

The GT now run 13.002 on the first race.

Today, the servo steering is removed and new Flaming River Rack and pinion is mounted. The sub frames and the mountings for the rear control arms are reinforced. Superior 28-spline axles, Moroso wheel studs are mounted and the traction lock is modified

The car now runs 7.994 sec 137 kmt (85 mph) on the 1/8 mile, 12.83 sec 173 kmt (107.5 mph) on the 1/4 mile and 1.710 sec 60ft. The top speed is about 168 mph (270kmt), og 0-100 kmt (62 mph) is 4.7-5.0 sec.

Trygve has more plans for the car and I would guess new mods are dune this winter (2005-2006).

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